BHW COVID-19 Response

Suzie Cappa Art Center and Black Hills Works is taking the necessary precautions to inform and protect the people we support, the staff that support them, as well as their families and guardians. We are following our own contagious disease protocol, as well as the advice of the CDC, our Governor and state health officials, and our industry partners. Such protocols include increasing awareness as well as decreasing contact, while still ensuring people experience meaningful days.

In accordance with these goals, the Suzie Cappa Art Center is hereby closed to the public until further notice. Our staff can still be reached via phone or email: (605) 791-3578 or

A Message from Brad Saathoff, CEO Black Hills Works:

As anticipated, the COVID 19 preparedness has continued to evolve throughout the world, nation, and our community. Black Hills Works has implemented an internal preparedness team that meets daily to review new information and recommendations from the CDC and state health officials. New protocols and procedures may result from the information and recommendations received and reviewed from these sources. Meetings will may vary as this situation continues to evolve. Know that the people we support and the staff that support them are our highest priority. 

Day Programs:
Day Service locations at Plant Street, Range Road, and the Suzie Cappa Art Center will operate at a limited capacity and be reevaluated regularly.

We have cancelled or postponed team meetings that would bring additional people to the administration building and will be encouraging case managers and families to meet over conference call.  

Medical appointments:
All routine medical appointments have been cancelled or rescheduled until deemed safe to do so. Specialty appointments will be handled on a case by case basis.

Families and friends visitation practice:
Family and friends are discouraged from visiting our facilities for the duration of this closure. However, visitors are not banned at this time. If there are visits to BHW facilities, we will require the use of face masks and hand sanitizer as precautionary measures. Any visitors that have symptoms of a virus, including a temperature over 100, a cough, or who have been short of breath must stay out of the homes.

Each area we do work in/ provide services in needs to have their area specific cleaning and sanitizing checklist that covers the frequency and areas we need to clean and sanitize. It is a top priority to stay on top of these cleaning schedules.

Vehicles and transportation:
All agency vehicles will be cleaned and sanitized between uses. 

Resource and Support Center (RSC):
Will continue to remain open. The work the support teams out of RSC do is critical to keeping our day to day service delivery operations going. The way we will conduct our mission work will change and look different than it normally does which means we will likely have our direct support teams needing help and advice on how to handle some of the more non-routine work that our RSC support staff would need to still be doing.

Supported Employment:
Unless we hear otherwise from the employer or employment supports staff, assume the business needs the person we support to come to work. If the person has signs of illness themselves, then a conversation with the employer or employment support staff needs to occur to help them plan for them not being at work.

For people we support that are working community based jobs (with restaurants, Wal-Mart, grocery stores, etc) they will still need to report to work with their employer as the employer directs. For people we support working on government contracts (Ellsworth AFB, GSA Federal Building) or smaller group supported employment (hotel crews, community custodial crews, etc) they also still need to report to work unless they hear otherwise from their team leader.

If you have questions, please call Black Hills Works at (605) 343-4550 or email Additional details will be provided as the situation continues to evolve and change.

Brad Saathoff
Black Hills Works / BH Services, Inc.