Mission: Creating opportunities for all performers to soar, challenging the perception of people with disabilities; while creating a new creative community in which performers with and without disabilities come together to create works that celebrate the human spirit. 

Who: We create an original narrative, for performers of all ages and abilities, based in theatre and contemporary dance.  Our productions are adjusted and tailored to highlight the talents of our performers.

What: Founded in 2008 with the inception of Flutter, produced by Black Hills Community Theatre and The Suzie Cappa Arts Center, and funded by The National Endowment for the Arts and the Allied Arts Fund - Stanford Adelstein Grant.  Flutter Productions continues to create new works for those who want the opportunity to shine and express their inner potential. 

Awards: In 2011, the ANCOR Foundation,  an organization that supports over 500,000 Americans with disabilities recognized Flutter Productions for our Community Building.  Flutter Productions was selected from 600 agencies across the United States.

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